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Nutrition Counseling

Everyone needs to eat. Eating tasty “whole-foods” and enjoying every bite is the basics we need to get back to. Using a real-life, non-diet approach and working together with clients, Caitlin helps clients meet their health and lifestyle goals. Using mindful eating strategies everyone can enjoy good food, and be healthy at the same time. Caitlin uses a motivational interviewing approach to help clients discover why they eat, the way they do and overcome obstacles to their health goals .

She will work with you one-on-one to develop a plan that is realistic and includes strategies tailored to your lifestyle.  She will initially review your medical and nutrition history and discuss your goals.  She will then help devise a plan with you while incorporating a mindful eating approach that includes meal and snack ideas, grocery lists, and any additional nutrition education necessary.



Our Services

Recipe Analysis

Simple Truth Nutrition is your source for recipe analysis.

We work with restaurants to provide a comprehensive menu labeling service.

Food manufacturers turn to us for consultation on FDA regulatory compliance and label claims.


Our Services


Caitlin Hughes

Degreed Nutritionist

B.S., Nutrition

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

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Counseling and encouraging people is what I love to do. Eating is one of those day-to-day needs we all have and I want to help you learn to design a meal plan that is easy, fun, tasty, economical and healthy. Oftentimes health reasons drive individuals to seek nutrition counseling and I am here to provide comfort, direction and fresh ideas as we move towards a state of improved health.

Simple Truth Nutrition is a business founded on the principles of integrity and true service. It was born out of a need to provide NUTRITION LABELS for a family run food manufacturing business. As I paid my way through college it morphed into a small business working with restaurants and other food businesses providing nutrition consultation in many forms. After graduating with my degree in nutrition and working through a dietetic training program the business expanded into nutrition counseling services provided for individuals working on their food habits AND businesses working on nutrition information for their products.